T-Safe® – Delivering Safe Water

Stop Legionella, Pseudomonas and other harmful waterborne bacteria

Water borne bacteria such as Legionella and Pseudomonas can grow in pipework and installations and can be dangerous – especially for people with a reduced immune system.

The T-Safe® product range has been developed to eliminate the risk of Legionella and Pseudomonas to provide safe water to the users of the products. Development has therefore been focused on two things:

  1. How to provide efficient and long life span Point-of-use filtration for avoiding legionella that has developed in pipework or water heaters, while securing a good and comfortable bathing experience.
  2. How to avoid retrograde contamination from the users environment and provide a secure, economic and environmentally friendly way of securing hygienic showers and drinking/hand washing.

We recommend using Point-of-use filtration as a way of safeguarding against water borne bacteria growing in the pipework and water heater, while at the same time implementing a thorough exchange or cleaning regiment to make sure there is no build-up of bacteria in the shower head itself.

The T-Safe® products are among others used in hospitals, care homes, hotels, changing rooms in schools and at sports facilities – and consists of:

Product features

We developed the T-Safe® product line to deliver the ultimate solution in long life Point-of-use filtration showers and tap filters. Our 70+ years of manufacturing showers and hoses for many different applications and markets shines through in our unique design and functions:

  • A well performing shower, even with low flow rates – a design competence build, by manufacturing showers for low pressure systems for more than 40 years.
  • Constant flow– 6, 7 or 8 litres per minute – saves costs and prolongs the lifetime of the filter. We have been developing and manufacturing Intelligent Water Saving for 25+ years.
  • Long Lifecycle – validated up to 92 days from installation day
  • Exchangeable Filter Cartridges through patented coupling function

To better avoid retrograde contamination of filters and outlets and to reduce cross-contamination, T-Safe® products can be manufactured incorporating Biomaster Antibacterial Additive technology. The efficacy has been validated by testing performed by IMSL.

One of our core competencies, is developing modular systems, where the products can be assembled and disassembled, thus ensuring more options and providing the optimal product solutions.