About T-Safe®

T-Safe® is a registered trademark under Tandrup Water Solutions

Tandrup Water Solution is a company owned by Johs. Tandrup A/S, which was founded in Denmark in 1946. The company is based in Denmark, where we are specialized in development, design and production of state-of-the-art shower products.

At our facilities in Allerød, Denmark, we have in-house moulding and tooling. We utilize 2K mould and robotics to deliver state-of-the art products with consistent quality. Since we have own production we are capable of developing and manufacturing specialised product solutions.

In our 70+ years we have gained a wide experience in developing products to different markets and applications. We are therefore familiar with different installation requirements and have developed unique product features and designs. Further, with a legacy of Nordic design, we are focused on developing products that are aesthetically pleasing. We believe that part of a healthy environment is products that enrich surroundings. Said another way: an emergency shower, should not signal to the user that there is an emergency problem, but should ensure that the facility can remain open.

Our efforts to save water has led to our wide experience in designing shower products, which provide great showering comfort with a minimum of water consumption – only 6-8 litres per minute. This has proven to be essential for the development of filters with a long lifespan.

At Tandrup Water Solutions we always strives to meet all necessary international and national requirements with regards to validation and certification of our T-Safe® products, which helps us to make sure that we have the best solutions in the market and to continuously develop products, which meet the customers’ demands.

Our factory and T-Safe® products have been certified by Bureau Veritas in accordance to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485.

Our headoffice in Allerød, Denmark,
where we have the production, sales
and distribution