“Business development is a recurring theme in my career. One of my key roles was Sales Manager France, Benelux and Switzerland for Rocamed, a company specialising in urology surgical instruments. I launched the brand in France and oversaw its expansion and consolidation. Starting from scratch, the project was a commercial success and incredibly rewarding personally and professionally. Business development demands a great deal of energy and perseverance – and being a little zany helps!

I’m married with two daughters and my family’s support is really important, giving me the balance I need to succeed. When I want to kick back, I love to spend time with friends and my hobbies which include design, contemporary art and cooking.

Launching T-safe France seemed like a natural step in my career progression and an exciting new challenge to tackle! Established 75 years ago, T-safe – a Danish family-run business – are experts in medical hygiene and more specifically point-of-use water filtration solutions. T-safe is recognised as the best-in-class provider in its market.

My main goal is to deliver useful and innovative solutions to healthcare facilities that translate into better quality care for patients.

T-safe understands that water quality is essential and offers unique solutions to hospitals and clinics.

I am delighted to join T-safe and a passionate team so we can strengthen and accelerate its business development in France.

The best is yet to come!”

Richard Le Moine
Commercial Director, T-safe France SAS
Mob: +33 6 14 15 30 76
Mail: rlm@t-safe.com