Shower Filter 92 Day

92-day sterilising grade membrane shower filter

The T-safe Medical Shower Filter 92 Day provides an effective, easy to install (with no adaptors required) disposable solution that aids infection control and reduces the risk of nosocomial waterborne bacteria infection.

Designed specifically for use in high risk healthcare settings, the T-safe Medical Shower Filter 92 Day incorporates a host of features including advanced sterilising grade membrane, antibacterial silver and constant flow technology that ensures patient protection without compromising usability in terms of flow performance and functionality.


Sterilising Grade Membrane Filtration
Antibacterial Silver
Flow Performance
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Sterilising Grade Membrane Filtration

How it works
The T-safe Medical Shower Filter 92 Day has been independently tested and certified as sterilising grade membrane filter in accordance with ASTM F838. T-safe filters provide an immediate effective barrier to the release of opportunistic waterborne pathogens.

  • Legionella pneumophila
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM)
  • Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
  • Escherichia coli (E. coli) and other coliform bacteria
Antibacterial Silver

How it works
The T-safe Medical Shower Filter 92 Day incorporates antibacterial additive technology that reduces the risk of surface bacteria growth on the filter capsule caused by retrograde contamination. Added to the base plastic materials during manufacturing antibacterial additive provides permanent protection throughout the life cycle of the product

  • Proven to reduce surface bacteria growth including Pseudomonas aeruginosa by >99.9%
  • Independently tested in accordance with ISO 22196
  • Provides permanent protection throughout life cycle
  • Improved infection control.
Flow Performance

How it works
The T-safe Medical Shower Filter 92 Day utilises a range of intelligent designed features to deliver optimised flow performance to enable effective showering and assisted bathing. A combination of advanced high capacity membrane and constant flow technology ensures that T-safe filters consistently out perform its competitors.

  • High capacity membrane provides resistance to fouling, supporting long life cycle use
  • Hydrophilic properties prevents airlocking when inverted during assisted bathing
  • Constant flow technology regulates throughput ensuring consistent flow performance over life cycle.

How it works
The T-safe Medical Shower Filter 92 Day incorporates a unique product identification system using a GS1 compliant datamatrix, that enables full traceability from production to installation and disposal. Compatible with proprietary software applications, the T-safe Medical range can be used in tandem with ZetaSafe, providing electronic management of critical control points, protected by T-safe Filters.

  • Laser engraved unique identification GS1 Data Matrix
  • Traceability through ISO 13485 production process
  • Seamless management of filter deployment using ZetaSafe
  • Improve visibility of installation points, scheduled exchanges and chain of custody.
Order Information
  • Medical Shower Filter 92 Day 02-803332


Quick and easy to install with no tools or adaptors required. The Medical Shower Filter 92 Day has a standard ½ inch male BSP threaded connection and can be fitted to an existing shower hose or paired with the T-safe Antimicrobial Hose.

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