T-safe Antimicrobial
Hose Silver

Colour coding provides visual indicator supporting improved compliance management

The T-safe Antimicrobial Shower Hose sets a new standard for shower compliance management by reducing the inherent waterborne infection risk associated with shower hoses. Designed specificially for use in high risk commercial settings, the T-safe Antimicrobial Shower Hose incorporates a host of features that reduce Legionella proliferation risk, without compromising usability in terms of flow performance and functionality. The impact of Antimicrobial Silver additive technology and a specifically designed smooth internal waterway helps significantly reduce both bacterial growth and biofilm formation.


Antimicrobial Silver
Colour Coding
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Antimicrobial Silver

How it works
The T-safe Antimicrobial Shower Hose incorporates Antimicrobial additive technology that reduces the risk of bacteria growth both within the waterway and on external surfaces caused by retrograde contamination during use. Added to the base plastic materials during manufacturing Antibacterial additive provides permanent protection throughout the lifecycle of the product

  • Proven to reduce surface bacteria growth including Pseudomonas Aeruginosa by >99.9%
  • Independently tested in accordance with ISO22196
  • Provides permanent protection throughout life cycle
  • Improved infection control
  • Reduces risk of bacterial growth between cleaning maintenance cycles
Colour Coding

How it works
The T-safe Antimicrobial Shower Hose offers a simple but effective visual identification system using Colour Coding, that enables tracking of periodic cleaning maintenance and helps streamline compliance management. Available in 4 distinct colours (Violet, Green, Blue and Yellow) that correlate with your planned quarterly cleaning or exchange cycles.

  • Improve tracking of cleaning maintenance and exchange cycles
  • Reduce paperwork and improve record keeping
  • Readily identify missed PPM, avoiding increased infection control risk.
Order Information
  • Antimicrobial Shower Hose Silver 1.25 m 03-093068
  • Antimicrobial Shower Hose Silver 1.50 m 03-093071
  • Antimicrobial Shower Hose Silver 1.75 m 03-093073
  • Antimicrobial Shower Hose Silver 2.00 m 03-093075


Quick and easy to install with no tools or adaptors required. The Antimicrobial Shower Hose has a standard ½ inch male BSP threaded connection and can be fitted to an existing shower handset or paired with the T-safe Hygiene Shower Chrome or Pro Chrome Hand Shower Filter.

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