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Choosing the ‘’Right Filter for the Right Outlet’’

Compatibility of filters with both tap outlets and wash hand basins can have a significant impact on outlet usability, end user safety and, compliance. Learn about our unique approach and solution to selecting the ‘right filter for the right outlet’.

The myriad of tap outlet and basin styles used in healthcare facilities presents a challenge to installing a suitable and compatible point of use water filter.

Tap outlets vary significantly in terms of their configuration, outlet connection diameter, mode of operation, and installation distance from the wash basin. Similarly wash basins vary in design in terms of size, and depth and may incorporate novel features such as anti-splash technology.

These factors in isolation or in combination may have a significant impact on the safe operation of a water filter, and vice versa for the effective operation of the tap outlet.


Compatibility Challenge

The implications of installing a non-compatible tap filter can be significant, the consequences of which may be detrimental to end user safety, infection prevention, and control practices and create a compliance breach.

Activity Space

Where the installation of a filter impacts the area between the outlet and basin, reducing the available space for effective hand hygiene practices, often a challenge with shallow basins.

Air Gap

Where the installation of the filter breaches the air gap, contravening the Water Regulations/Bye Laws or the installation requirements specified under the WRAS approval.

Tap Operation

Where the filter may impede the intended operation of the tap, such as impacting vertical or horizontal levers and obscuring IR sensors.

Basin Configuration

Where filters using ‘an offset outlet’ may prevent water from being delivered to ‘shark fin’ basins as designed, or where water may flow directly into vertical drains causing splashback.

Retrograde Contamination

Where the aforementioned compatibility issues contribute either in isolation or in tandem to increasing the risk of retrograde contamination of the filter, through handling during use or back splashing from contaminated reservoirs such as drains.

‘’Right Filter for the Right Outlet’’

A ‘one size fits all’ approach to installing filters for the wide range of tap and basin configurations used in healthcare is therefore not a practical solution.

Choosing the ‘right filter for the right tap outlet’ is an important consideration in product selection, as compatibility can have a significant impact on a filter, the outlet, and how end users interact with it. Ultimately, compatibility is a critical factor in maintaining the efficacy of control in waterborne pathogen infection prevention where filters are deployed.

At T-safe we recognise and understand the challenges, complexities, risks, and nuances involved. Our goal is not only on ‘delivering safe water’ but also on ensuring that our filtration solutions optimise outlet usability and end-user comfort. To that end, we offer a range of Medical Tap Filter solutions that provide greater choice and flexibility in product selection.

Medical Tap Filter Side Mount
An ideal solution for shallow wash basins with limited activity space, non-touch sensor taps, and vertical siphon wash basins.

Medical Tap Filter Fixed Position
Ideal solution for wall mounted taps, vertical and horizontal lever arm taps, and wash basins with a ‘shark fin’ feature.

Top Tips for Filter Selection

  • Ensure that on the installation of a filter a sufficient Activity Space is maintained, to enable effective hand washing by end users.
  • Ensure that the operation of Sensors on non-touch taps is not impeded by the installation of a filter
  • An Air Gap, typically a minimum of 20mm from the top of the basin to the filter outlet must be maintained, to prevent back siphon of water upstream
  • The filter should not impede the full extension of Tap Levers, nor should they come into contact with the filter
  • The Wash Basin Configuration should be considered, ensuring that the water outlet position does not nullify anti-splash shark fin features or flow directly into vertical siphons

Do you want to learn more about our unique approach to ensuring the ‘right filter for the right outlet’?

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