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The all-new Medical Tap Filter Fixed Position 31 Day

We are pleased to announce the exclusive launch of the new ‘Medical Tap Filter Fixed Position’ at Healthcare Estates Conference & Exhibition on 4th & 5th October 2022 in Manchester, England.

Featuring a fixed laminar flow outlet in a compact design with a novel adapter mechanism, this latest addition to our Medical Water Filtration range incorporates the same T-safe technology that is trusted to deliver safe water in over 350 hospitals in the UK and Ireland. The all-new Medical Tap Filter Fixed Position offers more choice for users in selecting a compatible filter for problematic outlets, whilst also providing a bespoke solution for installations utilizing a ‘shark fin’ style basin.


What’s New?

Outlet position

Traditionally, the T-safe Medical Tap Filter was renowned for its side mount installation mechanism and swivel function, designed to improve activity space, enable compatibility with sensor taps and position the water flow away from vertical drains to avoid splashback and retrograde contamination. The latest addition to our Medical Filtration range features a fixed position outlet, where the water flows at a perpendicular angle to the tap spout.


Probably its most impactful feature, the Medical Tap Filter Fixed Position improves installation and operational compatibility with problematic taps and novel ‘shark fin’ sink basins. This provides Estates & Infection Control teams more choice in tap filter selection, when used in tandem with the traditional side mount tap filter, enabling a ‘right filter for the right outlet’ approach that improves patient safety and end user experience.

  • ‘Shark Fin’sink basins
  • Lever arm operated taps
Adapter solution

A novel adapter mechanism has been created to enable ease of installation and exchange of filters to tap outlets with a smooth action release button. Featuring a solid brass body with a professional chrome finish, this novel adapter solution is ergonomic, hygienic, and durable. Available as standard with a M24 thread, the adapter is compatible with our range of Tap Connectors, enabling installation to all major healthcare taps.


Our smallest filter yet! Featuring a compact, modern design that reduces the impact on activity space enabling effective hand washing for end users. Despite its size, the new Medical Tap Filter Fixed Position doesn’t compromise on filtration capacity or flow performance, with a validated life cycle of up to 31 days.

‘’With the ever-increasing number of tap styles being used in healthcare, the challenge for Estates teams to deploy filters that are compatible, in the event of a water safety emergency has never been greater” – Stephen McCreanor, Managing Director

He continues: ‘’Tap compatibility is a critical consideration as it may impede the operation of the outlet, breach WRAS or Water Regulation requirements and ultimately compromise the filter, which puts patients at risk. The launch of our new Fixed Position Tap Filter will offer more choice to Estates teams in selecting the ‘right filter for the right outlet’.”


  • Sterilising grade 0.2 µm rated hollow fiber membrane filter
  • Up to 31-day life cycle
  • Compatible with ‘shark fin’ sink basins, and vertical lever arm operated taps
  • Laminar Flow outlet reduces splashing
  • Constant flow technology ensures optimal flow performance over life cycle
  • Antibacterial additive protection reduces risk of retrograde contamination
  • Integral check valve prevents backflow contamination upstream
  • Traceability with GS1 Datamatrix, enabling electronic tracking of filters

Validation & Certification
As a sterilising grade membrane filter, T-safe Medical Water Filters provide the total retention of waterborne bacteria, offering the highest level of protection for immunocompromised patients at risk of nosocomial waterborne pathogen infection. The microbial retention efficacy of the new Fixed Position Tap Filter has been proven through independent testing in accordance with ASTM F838 and crucially, through exhaustive whole lifecycle studies involving controlled microbiological challenge testing.

Certifications include ASTM F838, ISO 22196, WRAS, DVGW W270. Compliant with EU food and drinking water directives.

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