Handheld Shower Filter

Handheld shower filter (T-Safe®) offers an immediate protection against Legionella and other waterborne bacteria.

The handheld shower filters consist of two separate parts – a shower head and filter tube. The hand shower is available in 4 different versions and 5 models, in order fulfill the various customer requirements. All filters are supplied with an 8 litre water flow restrictor and non-return-valve, with ½” standard hose connection. Quick connect adaptor is available.

T-Safe® shower filter product range:

  • Exchangeable Filter Cartridges through patented coupling function ensures optimal use of products and flexibility in solutions
  • Large filter capacity
  • Our proprietary Easy Clean technology and shower spray design ensures a great shower experience
  • Biomaster Antibacterial Additive – reduce retrograde- and cross-contamination
  • Backflow Protection – check valve
  • Traceability LOT and Batch numbers on all filters
  • Available in sterile packaging
Image Description
handheld shower filter

“Emergency” Shower Filter 

“Emergency” is a standard shower, which is used in situations where immediate protection against water borne bacteria is crucial. It is not recommended for locations, where there is an increased concern about cross contamination.

Download datasheet for more information and product numbers

 handheld shower filter

EC Shower Filter – White or chrome

This shower is supplied with Easy-Clean nozzles and from a design and user perspective, we consider this model as the “feel-like-home” shower.

Download datasheet for more information.

handheld shower filter

“Medical” Shower Filter – Biomaster 

This shower is mainly used within the health-care segment. With the non-leaching anti-bacterial additive molded into all plastic parts this product reduce the risk of cross-contamination. The “Medical” shower is available both in a sterile and a non-sterile version.

Download datasheet for more information.

handheld shower filter

Washable Shower Filter

This shower is the ideal solution for e.g. wound clinics, as it is washable. With one filter and more shower heads, this assures a fully disinfectant shower for each new patient. The shower head can be washed in an instrument dishwasher.

Download datasheet for more information.