Medical Tap Filter​

Medical Tap Filter

Product Code: 02-831003.  Sterile: 02-831015

 T-Safe® Medical Tap Filter is an easy way to immediately secure bacteria free water. It retains pathogenic organisms such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Legionella pneumophila and Aspergillus brasiliensis (spores). The Medical Tap contains a non-leaching antibacterial additive, which reduces the risk of retrograde and cross-contamination. 

Product details

  • 0.1 µm sterilizing-graded hollow fiber membrane filter
  • >log 7 reduction of bacteria and fungi
  • Non-leaching antimicrobial additive reduces risk of retrograde and cross-contamination
  • Traceability through GS-1 compliant Data Matrix 
  • Backflow protection – check valve
  • No air-locking
  • Optimized working space in the sink
  • Reduced risk of splashing and retrograde contamination
  • A wide range of adaptors with different features are available
  • Special hollow fiber ultrafiltration technology
  • Large filter capacity
  • High capacity filter provides long lifetime - up to 92 days
  • Uniform pore size structure - safe and sterile water
  • Unique constant flow regulator - great shower experience and saves water at same time
Validation & Approvals
  • Validated in accordance to ASTM F838-05 by EurofinsBiopharmaProduct Testing
  • Lifetime up to 92 days from installation day
  • Validated by Hygiene-Institutdes Ruhrgebiets(HY)
  • WRAS approved
  • KIWA approved
  • DVGW W270 material approval
  • Compliance with EU food and drinking directive