Medical Tap Filter


The Medical Tap Filter ensures an immediate protection against Legionella and other harmfull bacteria in drinking water.

The tap filter cartridge contains a high capacity filter and provides an optimal working space in the sink; reduce splashing water from the sink and siphon, which means less retrograde contamination and furthermore it works seamlessly when installed on sensor taps.


  • Unique design reduces splashing of water from the sink and siphon, which means less retrograde contamination.
    This is accomplished by the angle and distance of Tap-Safe outlet to the siphon.
  • Freely rotates for optimal positioning of water outlet
  • Improved work space in the sink for washing hands or tapping water
  • Biomaster Antibacterial Additive – reduce retrograde- and cross-contamination
  • Stop Valve – to avoid contaminated water by change of filter cartridges
  • Backflow Protection – check valve
  • Smooth surfaces ensures easy cleaning
  • Traceability LOT and Batch numbers on all filters
  • Available in sterile packaging
Image Description

Medical Tap filter

The Medical Tap Filter is an easy way to secure immediate bacterial free water in the pre-, intra and post operative area. To Mount the tap filter on the faucet an adaptor needs to be installed – standard M22/M24 – which offers different options: stop-valve, non-return valve and water flow restrictor. It retains the water free from bacteria such as Legionella spp., Pseudomonas spp., fungi and E.Coli.
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