Technology – Filtration and constant flow

Filtration technique:

The T-Safe® hollow fibre membrane filter is a 0.1 µm absolute rated ultrafiltration filter. It has been tested and validated as a sterile grade filter for liquid filtration, as it has proven filtration at 0.2 µm pore size in accordance to ASTM F838-05 testing. The filters are manufactured in a controlled production environment to ensure a high and consistent quality. Traceability through Lot and Batch numbers on all filters and further randomized sampling control with bacteria solution ensures 100% product quality.

State of the art uniform pore size structure ensures a sharp cut-off point and good flow rates – even at low pressure. The sharp cut-off point is proven by the validation of >Log7 bacteria retention (99.99999%). T-Safe® filters are tested to deliver sterile water filtration every day.

The water flows from the outside to the inside and the filtered particles are caught on the porous membrane wall. Over time the retained particles and bacteria will build up and clog the filter.

Constant flow

Our efforts to save water has led to our wide experience in designing shower products, which provide great showering comfort with a minimum of water consumption – only 6-8 litres per minute is our normal recommendation. This has proven to be essential for the development of filters with a long lifespan.

At the heart of Tandrup’s Intelligent Water Saving System are the small, specially developed water saving inserts that can be easily fitted into all types of taps, faucets and showers, ensuring an optimal flow of water of 2 to 12 litres per minute depending on users and installation requirements. And because of the intelligent design and special shape of the inserts, there is no reduction of comfort.

All Tandrup water-saving devices are produced with an ingenious design called pressure compensation, which ensures a constant water flow regardless of the water pressure.

At a pressure of 0 bar, the O-ring will not be affected. But as the pressure increases, the O-ring will be compressed around the core, so the passageway is restricted. This continues as pressure increases.

As a result, the water flow is constant regardless of the water pressure

More than 20 litres of water can pass through an unregulated filter depending on the water pressure. A Tandrup constant flow regulator limits the water flow to 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 litres per minute, regardless of the water pressure.

Below is shown the performance of an unregulated filter compared to a T-Safe® 8 and 6 litres constant flow filter:

We have developed our showers and tap outlets to give a great shower experience or hand wash even with 6 litres water flow per minute. When a new filter is installed the flow rate can be more than 20 litres per minute if the water pressure is high and no constant flow regulator is installed.

Over time the filter will be clogged, but with a constant flow regulator installed, the filter will maintain the same volume over a longer period of time. This neat feature of T-Safe® ensures the user a great shower experience no matter if the filter has been newly installed or has been installed for 3 months.

Below is shown the performance of an unregulated filter compared to a T-Safe® constant flow filter:

Please note that the performance of a T-Safe® filter will also decrease over time. This is why we recommend an 8 litre water flow for a shower, as it will decline to 6 litre over the installation period, which still provides a great shower experience!

Environmentally friendly materials:

As we manufacture the products at our own facilities, we have full traceability of raw materials. This ensures that we are able to provide environmentally friendly solutions. By using our proprietary bayonet fixings, the products can be disassembled and thus either the whole product can de cleaned and reused or the materials can be reused.


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