The T-Safe ultra filtration technique provides the user with safe, sterile water. 


Ultra filtration technique

Ultrafiltration filter

  • T-Safe® filters are 0.1 µm absolute rated ultrafiltration hollow fiber membranes
  • It has been tested and validated as a sterile grade filter for liquid filtration with 0.2 µm pore size in accordance to ASTM F838-05 testing

Quality control

  • The filters are manufactured in a controlled production environment to ensure a high and consistent quality.
  • Traceability through Lot and Batch numbers on all filters and further randomized sampling control with bacteria solution ensures 100% product quality.

State of the art uniform and narrow pore size distribution ensures a sharp cut off point and good flow rates, even at low water pressure. T-Safe® filters are tested to deliver safe and sterile water thanks to the accuracy in production of the filter membranes and pore size distribution.

The sharp cut-off point is proven by the validation in accordance to ASTM F838-05 for >Log7 bacteria retention for Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Brevundimonas diminuta and fungi retention for Aspergillus brasiliensis (99.99999%). The filters are furthermore validated for up to 92 days lifetime through a field study.

How it works

  • The T-Safe® filter consist of a large amount of very thin hollow fibers with millions of pores.
  • The water flows from the outside of the filter membrane wall to the inside. Particles as bacteria and fungi are retained on the porous membrane wall while sterile water flows through the inside of the hollow fiber and provides the user with safe water.


  • T-Safe® filters are intelligent through their great exploitation of a larger membrane surface than common Point-of-Use filters.
  • The large membrane surface secures a longer life-time of the filter as it will take longer for particles and bacteria to build up and clog the filter.
  • T-Safe® hollow fiber membrane filter features an air-permeable barrier inside the cartridge, which repels water but allows air to pass, thus to avoid reduced flow or completely flow stop.
  • T-Safe® hollow fiber membranes are self-supporting and do not need extra stabilizing components as flat sheet membranes in other Point-of-Use filters.

Constant flow

  • Our effort to save water has led to our wide experience in designing shower products, which provide great showering comfort with a minimum of water consumption – only 6-8 liters per minute is our normal recommendation.
  • This has proven to be essential for the development of filters with a long lifespan.


More than 20 liters of water can pass through an unregulated filter depending on the water pressure.

Litres per minute

 A Tandrup constant flow regulator limits the water flow to 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 liters per minute, regardless of the water pressure.