Wall-mounted Shower Filter

Wall-mounted shower filter product range:

The T-Safe® wall-mounted shower filters are available in two different versions.

The Chrome wall shower is a heavy duty shower made in brass, which is particularly suitable for high frequency areas. Due to the choice of material this product is especially suitable for areas where it might be exposed to vandalism.

The Flex wall shower is a flexible solution as it can either have water supplies from external tubes or from the back from built-in water tubes. The screw holes in the base are made oval as to fit to most exiting installations. The shower is made of reinforced plastic material.

The wall-mounted showers are often used in public shower areas like schools and sports & leisure facilities among others.

Image Description
 shower filter_wallmounted

Chrome” wall-mounted shower filter

The Chrome Wall Shower is an anti-vandal shower made of solid brass.
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 shower filter_wallmounted

“Flex” wall-mounted shower filter

The Flex Wall Shower is made of Glass Reinforced Nylon and offers a variety of flexible connection options.
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