Wall Shower Filter Flex​

T-Safe® Wall Shower Filter Flex is a permanent robust shower solution, which can be used with and whithout filter. It retains the water free from bacteria such as Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Aspergillus brasiliensis (spores). 

  • 0.1 μm sterilising-grade hollow fiber membrane filter 
  • Operates with or without filtration 
  • Exchangeable filter cartridges
  • High capacity filtration with up to 92 days (3 months)
  • Constant flow and water saving technology
  • Easy Clean spray plate prevents accumulation of limescale
  • Flexible installation with top, bottom and back connected pipework 
  • Ease of installation and maintenance 

Max. operating pressure: 5 bar
Max. operating temperature:
60° C 
Flow rate:
8 L/min
Filter lifetime:
up to 92 days*
Membrane area: 5090 cm²
Bacterial retention:
>Log 7
½ inch thread from top, bottom or back
Silver coated and black
ASTM F838-05, WRAS approved

*Dependent on water usage per day and SDI level


Product Name                                              Item No. 

Flex Wall Shower w. filter                          02-803170

Replacement Filter                                    02-000187

Dummy Filter                                              02-000186